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  • The Choice (September 2021)

The Choice welcomes an audience into the ‘womb where it happens.’ Three women tackle the existential question: “Should we be having children?” Comical, controversial, and uninhibited, The Choice puts a woman’s womb into the audience’s hands, asking them to decide - should she, or shouldn’t she? The Choice was in residency with Bethany Art Community in 2020 and 2021. 

The Choice is the first chapter of The Motherhood Project, a decade-long series of performances by the members of inFLUX – Jacqueline Libby, Christine Octavia Shaw, and Jacinta Yelland. Facing down the decade where their reproductive choices become more important, more scrutinized, and more impactful, they came together to create The Motherhood Project to examine their evolving relationship to motherhood in five new works of theatre over the next ten years.

  • The Wandering (April 2021)​​

Along with a team of opera singers, film-makers, virtual reality designers, and drag queens, I led the development of a new work of digital opera. This project is in residence with Yale University's Schwarzman Center. See our website for tickets and more info. 

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