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  • Bite the Dust (September 2023)

In Bite the Dust, inFLUX dives into the fascinations and fears that bubble to the surface as we confront life’s biggest unknown. Join Bill Morty, a friendly volunteer art docent, as he attempts to confront his impending death. As he struggles to cope, absurdity ensures - maggots will tango, art tours will go hilariously awry, and more. Bite the Dust takes audiences on a romp through the anxiety of slipping away into nothingness. 

Tickets are available HERE

And you can follow inFLUX Theatre Collective HERE

  • The Wedding Crashers Ball  (October 2023)

After a sold-out, rollicking good time in 2022, inFLUX returns to Glen Foerd for another night of immersive theatre mayhem! See more and get tickets HERE 

  • The Motherhood Project, Chapter 2 (2024)

The Motherhood Project is a decade-long series of performances by the members of inFLUX – Jacqueline Libby, Christine Octavia Shaw, and Jacinta Yelland. Facing down the decade where their reproductive choices become more important, more scrutinized, and more impactful, they came together to create The Motherhood Project to examine their evolving relationship to motherhood in five new works of theatre over the next ten years. Chapter 1,The Choice, ran in Philadelphia and New York in 2021 and 2022 and the project will return in 2024 for Chapter 2. 

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